We won tonite, thanks to you

Tonight, at the Santa Clara City Council meeting, we stopped the San Francisco 49ers take over of the Youth Soccer Park.

Hundreds of people packed the city council chambers and an equal number stood outside.


About 75 speakers spoke publicly against the proposal. No one spoke in favor. Nobody.


The council decided to create a process that includes all stakeholders, not just the 49ers presenting their proposal behind closed doors.

Council-members Lisa Gillmor and Teresa O'Neill led the effort to make the process more publicly.  Council-members Debi Davis, Pat Kolstad, and Jerry Marsalli were supportive.

But the work is not over. The council will still consider options. 

So we need you to stay involved and ask friends to sign up at StandUpforSantaClara.com to keep informed. Please like and share this message on Facebook and Twitter.

And feel good about how we stood up for Santa Clara tonight!

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