Vote Yes for Measure R & Protect Our Parks & Open Space


Please help us get out the vote and tell your family and friends to VOTE YES for Measure R. Should Measure R pass, the city of Santa Clara would be unable to sell public parkland or open space without voter approval. The initiative would shift the responsibility for city-owned property sales and land-use changes from the Santa Clara City Council to the public. Under Measure R, any applicable land transactions would require two-thirds voter approval.

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  • Sally Brett
    Measure R is all well and good. Even if this measure passes, though, the City Council could still pull a stunt like when they tried to move the Youth Soccer Park first to Ulistac Natural Area, then to Montague Park & Jenny Strand Park, then to our public school fields. Thank goodness all these maneuvers have failed (so far). Measure R doesn’t prevent changing the use of city land, it just sets legal barriers against selling it without public approval. So, vote for Measure R, but remain vigilant. Jed York has no intention of actually paying for new property for a relocated Youth Soccer Park. And, you better believe he would love to convert the existing Youth Soccer Park land into a free parking lot for his fellow VIPs.
  • StandUp4SantaClara