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  • Q: Should the city attorney investigate Patricia Mahan to determine if she violated the lobbyist ordinance?
    A: The city should hire an outsider investigator.

    Is Patty Mahan a Lobbyist?


    Stand Up for Santa Clara has been asked to support an effort to promote openness and honesty at Santa Clara City Hall. We’d like to know what you think before we take a position. Read the article in the San Jose Insider for background on this issue.

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  • Mr. York, looking at the football franchise you inherited that was once successful & full of promise and the state of where it is now in spite of all the shiny new resources you have taken from our city, don’t you think your efforts would be better put to use rebuilding your organization before you decimate & interfere in our city’s politics? In other words, don’t do to Santa Clara, what you’ve already done to the 49rs — in spite of what you may believe, you did NOT inherit this city to do with what you will.

    Letter to Jed York

    GOAL: 33 signatures


    Dear Mr. York and the San Francisco 49ers,

    I am sure that you experienced panic on Monday with the announcement of Mayor Matthews' resignation. I am sure that you are scrambling to find a candidate to replace your ally and keep the board majority in your favor. I would like to give you some unsolicited advice.


    The best thing that you can do for your organization and its relationship with the residents of Santa Clara is to stop participating in our politics. Don’t send your financially dependent supporters to give speeches at our school board meetings. Don’t give money to candidates. Don’t recruit anyone to run for mayor. Don’t have secret strategy meetings. Don’t lobby our council members or school supervisor members.


    It will take courage and respect for others (who actually live in Santa Clara) to allow local politics to stay local, but it’s probably the ONLY way that you can reverse your current karma situation (5-11) and repair your relationship with the residents of Santa Clara, soccer players, girl scouts and others.


    This is probably hard to hear since your money has allowed you to buy many things in the past. But, Santa Clara is no longer for sale. We are going to take our city back…one 49er politician at a time!




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