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  • Sadly our City has a long way to go in order to get rid of all of the current corruption and prevent future corruption but it’s off to a good start. Thankfully there are concerned citizens that make sure this information is brought to the surface. You can count on Patty Mahan not getting my vote for re-election.

    Are Santa Clara City Officials Covering Up a Lobbyist Violation?

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    Did you know that just months after Santa Clara established a lobbyist ordinance it was violated?  And the violator was a former mayor and city council member who, coincidentally, is running for city council again. That would be Patty Mahan who was hired to lobby for a billboard company.

    It’s easy to miss this piece of news. The city buried the report on its website.

    Thankfully, SanJoseInside.com covered the violation.  And they raised some issues about Santa Clara City Attorney Ren Noskey.
    Has Ren Noskey buried this report as a way to hide his responsibility for the poor enforcement of the lobbyist ordinance? Or is Noskey attempting to help Mahan’s council campaign? Either way, it’s not good.
    The report was made public on September 28th. But the report and investigator have not been placed on a city council agenda for discussion. It’s not on today’s agenda, the last one before the November election.
    If Santa Clara is serious about good transparent government, it shouldn’t bury lobbyist violations by a former mayor. And it shouldn’t have a city attorney who can’t be trusted to enforce good government measures.

    Please sign the petition if you agree that:

    • Patty Mahan violated the lobbyist ordinance. But she should not receive special treatment because she’s a former mayor and current city council candidate.
    • City Attorney Ren Noskey has handled the lobbyist ordinance in a manner that’s not open or transparent or consistent with good government principles. The City Council should remove him from this role and establish an alternative system to handle potential violations.
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  • Q: Do you think the Santa Clara City Council is treating the San Fransisco 49ers unfairly?
    A: No - I disagree with Patty Mahan and think the City Council needs to stand up for residents and neighborhoods, not the 49ers.

    Do You Think the Santa Clara City Council are Treating the 49ers Unfairly


    On November 8, Santa Clara voters will determine who runs City Hall. In a Mercury News story, one City Council candidate, Patty Mahan, thinks the city needs to do more for the team.  

    “Mahan said the city hasn't always been fair to the Niners”

    We want to know if you agree.

    The 49ers want to unilaterally reduce their rent and they don’t want to comply with the city’s noise ordinance protecting neighborhoods. How should the city deal with team on these issues and others?

    Please take a moment to answer the survey below.

    Stand Up for Santa Clara will be tracking candidates to determine who is being recruited and financed by the 49ers either directly or indirectly through independent expenditures. Please share our information on Twitter and Facebook so we can shine a light on this election.

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  • Letter to Jed York

    GOAL: 33 signatures


    Dear Mr. York and the San Francisco 49ers,

    I am sure that you experienced panic on Monday with the announcement of Mayor Matthews' resignation. I am sure that you are scrambling to find a candidate to replace your ally and keep the board majority in your favor. I would like to give you some unsolicited advice.


    The best thing that you can do for your organization and its relationship with the residents of Santa Clara is to stop participating in our politics. Don’t send your financially dependent supporters to give speeches at our school board meetings. Don’t give money to candidates. Don’t recruit anyone to run for mayor. Don’t have secret strategy meetings. Don’t lobby our council members or school supervisor members.


    It will take courage and respect for others (who actually live in Santa Clara) to allow local politics to stay local, but it’s probably the ONLY way that you can reverse your current karma situation (5-11) and repair your relationship with the residents of Santa Clara, soccer players, girl scouts and others.


    This is probably hard to hear since your money has allowed you to buy many things in the past. But, Santa Clara is no longer for sale. We are going to take our city back…one 49er politician at a time!




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