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  • Are Santa Clara City Officials Covering Up a Lobbyist Violation?

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    Did you know that just months after Santa Clara established a lobbyist ordinance it was violated?  And the violator was a former mayor and city council member who, coincidentally, is running for city council again. That would be Patty Mahan who was hired to lobby for a billboard company.

    It’s easy to miss this piece of news. The city buried the report on its website.

    Thankfully, covered the violation.  And they raised some issues about Santa Clara City Attorney Ren Noskey.
    Has Ren Noskey buried this report as a way to hide his responsibility for the poor enforcement of the lobbyist ordinance? Or is Noskey attempting to help Mahan’s council campaign? Either way, it’s not good.
    The report was made public on September 28th. But the report and investigator have not been placed on a city council agenda for discussion. It’s not on today’s agenda, the last one before the November election.
    If Santa Clara is serious about good transparent government, it shouldn’t bury lobbyist violations by a former mayor. And it shouldn’t have a city attorney who can’t be trusted to enforce good government measures.

    Please sign the petition if you agree that:

    • Patty Mahan violated the lobbyist ordinance. But she should not receive special treatment because she’s a former mayor and current city council candidate.
    • City Attorney Ren Noskey has handled the lobbyist ordinance in a manner that’s not open or transparent or consistent with good government principles. The City Council should remove him from this role and establish an alternative system to handle potential violations.
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  • Q: Should Patty Mahan be fined for illegally lobbying city officials to build more billboards in Santa Clara?
    A: Yes

    Should Patty Mahan be fined for illegally lobbying?


    September 28, 2016 - Breaking News: Patty Mahan Illegally Lobbied City Officials to Build More Billboards in Santa Clara

    Report from City Independent Investigator: “I conclude Ms. Mahan engaged in lobbying within the meaning of the Lobbying Ordinance when she met with various City officials on AllVision’s (billboard company) behalf, and that she was not exempt from registration as a lobbyist under the attorney exemption.”

    Patty Mahan Violated Lobbyist Rules But Will She Be Fined?

    Patty Mahan illegally lobbied city officials, but the investigator recommends that she should not be fined because Mahan thought she was acting as an attorney.  Really? She served 20 years as the Mayor and City Council member and she doesn't know when she acted as a lobbyist.

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  • Q: Do you think the Santa Clara City Council is treating the San Fransisco 49ers unfairly?
    A: No - I disagree with Patty Mahan and think the City Council needs to stand up for residents and neighborhoods, not the 49ers.

    Do You Think the Santa Clara City Council are Treating the 49ers Unfairly


    On November 8, Santa Clara voters will determine who runs City Hall. In a Mercury News story, one City Council candidate, Patty Mahan, thinks the city needs to do more for the team.  

    “Mahan said the city hasn't always been fair to the Niners”

    We want to know if you agree.

    The 49ers want to unilaterally reduce their rent and they don’t want to comply with the city’s noise ordinance protecting neighborhoods. How should the city deal with team on these issues and others?

    Please take a moment to answer the survey below.

    Stand Up for Santa Clara will be tracking candidates to determine who is being recruited and financed by the 49ers either directly or indirectly through independent expenditures. Please share our information on Twitter and Facebook so we can shine a light on this election.

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  • Q: Are You in Favor of the NFL Building Structures on Soccer Park Fields?
    A: No - Don’t Build Structures on Soccer Park & I Would be Willing to Support Future Action Against Those Members Who Do

    Cast Your Vote & Tell the Santa Clara City Council How to Manage the Use of Soccer Park During the Super Bowl


    Cast Your Vote & Tell the Santa Clara City Council How to Manage the Use of Soccer Park During the Super Bowl

    The Mayor of Santa Clara, the Santa Clara City Manager, and select members of the City Council are willing to let the NFL construct Media Center structures on Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park soccer fields during the Super Bowl. This could damage and/or destroy the soccer fields.

    The City plans to close the Youth Soccer Park on Dec. 31st. Our soccer players that are practicing and competing in State Cup Championship events will have no place to practice and compete. The City has not published a plan or timeline if or when the Soccer Park will be returned. 

    Here are the Facts:

    1) The current NFL Super Bowl 50 Agreement with the City does not have specific details on use of the Youth Soccer Park.

    2) The City Manager has given himself the authority to sign an agreement with the Super Bowl Committee on Tuesday, December 15th without City Council approval at the Council Meeting.

    3) The Super Bowl agreement requests the closure and lock-down of the stadium venue 1-week prior to the Super Bowl, and the week of the event.

    4) It’s the Mayor of Santa Clara & the Santa Clara City Manager who are pushing the closure of the Youth Soccer Park for well over 2 months, NOT the NFL. They are behind the plan to construct a media center and other structures on the soccer fields.

    5) The San Francisco 49ers want the entire media center and hard structures built on our youth soccer fields, while they in turn host the NFL’s staging of half-time practice (light usage of their fields).

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  • Sign the Petition to Protect Soccer Park from the NFL

    The Santa Clara Youth Soccer League & the PAL Soccer Organization Need Your Support to Save Soccer Park from the NFL, the City of Santa Clara Leadership, and the 49ers.

    • Please Sign the Petition.
    • Email the Mayor of Santa Clara and the City Council Members requesting: (1) They protect the Soccer Park facility from destruction (2) Create an Open & Transparent Process to negotiate a deal with the Super Bowl 50 Committee and the NFL (3) Do not spend Santa Clara General Funds to repair soccer park. (4) Represent and protect the citizens of Santa Clara. Email them at:
    • Spread the news so we collect more signatures.
    • Attend the Santa Clara City Council Meeting on Dec. 8th at 6pm to show your support in soccer uniforms. Location: 1500 Warburton Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95050 .
    GOAL: 958 signatures


    We, the leaders and parents of the Santa Clara Youth Soccer and PAL Leagues, have worked cooperatively with the Santa Clara City Leadership for the last six months to prepare for Super Bowl 50. We know that the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park (SCYSP) is an important facility to ensure the success of the game and we know that this is an important event for the city of Santa Clara.

    We pledged to cooperate on a plan that would provide the facility to the Super Bowl for a reasonable period of time since we know that the staging of an event of this scale is not simply a one-day event. 

    We also believed the commitment of city leaders who in turn pledged to find a reasonable and comparable alternative to the soccer park which is used daily and serves over 1,000 children.

    To date, there has been some progress made between the Santa Clara Parks & Recreation Department working with SCYSL and PAL to find temporary training fields for 3 months (January-March), however, the soccer community have received little information or concrete proposals regarding the use plan by the NFL.

    We have heard of plans to construct a media village on the soccer fields which would require approximately 6-9 months of setup then re-construction.

    We have also heard that the city must absorb these costs. Such a plan is unacceptable to the soccer community and we believe the citizens of Santa Clara would strongly object as well.

    Without information and communication, we now believe that the city is acting irresponsibly and secretively in an effort that will jeapordize the SCYSL & PAL 2016 Soccer Seasons, and cause serious damage to the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park.

    So, we ask the Santa Clara City Council to formally establish these guiding principles before any agreement may be negotiated to use the SCYSP for Super Bowl 50:

    • PROCESS – All proposals shall be vetted in an open and transparent process by the city council at a public meeting to work on an appropriate plan.
    • TEMPORARY SOCCER FIELD LOCATIONS – SCYSL and PAL Board designated members must be involved in the site selection and approval of temporary soccer fields.
    • DISPLACEMENT COSTS – The NFL or the Super Bowl Committee, not the taxpayers of Santa Clara, shall pay for all soccer field rental fees necessary to provide uninterrupted access to equivalent soccer fields until the Soccer Park reopens.
    • REPAIR/REPLACEMENT COSTS – The NFL assumes all responsibility for the Soccer Park facility during their possession of the property, and promises to return the property in equal or better condition. The NFL shall be liable for any loss, theft, damage or destruction of the Soccer Park property.

    We believe that the city council must assert its authority as the representatives of the people of Santa Clara. 

    The soccer community have been disappointed in the past when the majority of the council dismissed the 49ers pledge to build additional soccer fields. If the 49ers had done as they had promised, or if the city had pushed them to do so, we would not likely be in this predicament. We’re concerned that any verbal agreement made by the 49’ers or the NFL will not be upheld and enforced by the City and/or Council.

    We hope Super Bowl 50 will not be another example of the city council majority failing to Stand Up for Santa Clara.

    Help protect the Soccer Park facility by signing this petition and show the City of Santa Clara Leadership, the NFL & the San Francisco 49ers that we value our kids in our community.

    Thank you for your support!

    Santa Clara Youth Soccer League

    Santa Clara PAL Organization

    Stand Up for Santa Clara

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