A message from Kathy Watanabe-Santa Clara Community Leader

"I supported the stadium. Now, I'm standing up for Santa Clara.

Soccer is played by thousands of children in our community. To see the Youth Soccer Park turned over for VIP football parking with no land located to replicate this valuable asset is not right. We need to insure that our children have a place to develop their talents."
Kathy Watanabe
Santa Clara Community Leader


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  • Bobbie Fuller
    I did not support the stadium in an effort to stand up for Santa Clara. Now local officials want to tear apart Montague Park (SaveMontaguePark.com) in order to build fields. We need to stand up for ALL of Santa Clara or not at all.
  • Emily Petersen
    Losing the soccer park would hurt ALL our children, but would hit the girls particularly hard. More girls play soccer than any other sport. When it comes to outdoor sports there seems to be more choices for the boys, although it will be a great loss for them too. For a girl who wants to play pro sports, soccer is almost the only choice.
    My older kid’s team can use the soccer park for games but has had to struggle to find fields to practice on. Half the time, they practice without access to a bathroom. They have late practices on Fridays as soon as it is light enough so they can have access to a goal box. My younger child’s team has had to share a field (barely big enough for one team) with two other teams at the same time. Losing the soccer park would only compound these difficulties.

    I have lived here all my life and never wanted to go anywhere else, but for the first time, I’m thinking seriously about going somewhere where children are more important than the NFL.
  • Kathleen Kutch
    I am with you on this!! Children are our first priority…..foot ball is not!! They should be ashamed for what they are doing!!
  • Grant Mccauley
    I feel exactly the same way you do and I also supported the stadium.