A message from Patricia Mahan, former Mayor of Santa Clara

"I worked hard to bring the stadium to Santa Clara - and made sure the city got fair market value for its land and an income stream from its operations. So why is our current mayor and the apparent majority of our city council members now willing to give away the soccer park next to the stadium for far less than its market value? AND without any plans to rebuild the soccer park elsewhere in the city? That's not the way we should do business in Santa Clara. If, like me, you think this is the wrong direction, our council needs to hear from you, especially those who have already expressed an opinion in favor of this plan - Mayor Matthews, Pat Kolstad, and Dominic Caserta. I hope it's not too late to save our soccer park."

Patricia Mahan, former Mayor of Santa Clara


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  • Kathryn Limprecht
    Thank you for your statement. I fear the city’s “plan to relocate the soccer park” is to build fields within our neighborhood parks. This goes totally against the city’s goal of increasing open park space because while it seems like an increase in sports fields it is a decrease to neighborhood park land with a net zero gain at a cost of millions of taxpayer dollars.

    New land needs to be purchased to relocate the soccer fields and if the soccer community wants additional fields then even more land needs to be acquired.

    Swapping out neighborhood park space for sports fields doesn’t solve the city’s goal of increasing park acreage. It only moves the problem around while disrupting people’s lives.

    I hope everyone standing up for Santa Clara is standing for ALL of Santa Clara.
  • Bobbie Fuller
    Thank you former Mayor Patricia Mahan. I hope it’s not too late to save our Youth Soccer Park and our neighborhood parks, such as Montague Park. I stand with you and ALL of Santa Clara.
  • Tino Silva