Community Leaders and former candidates: Deborah Bress, Karen Hardy, and Kevin Park are Standing Up for Santa Clara


Santa Clara is our home -- there are things we have agreed to do in the community that have been maintained and are a part of our heritage. One of these is a commitment to our children. There is a plan to seize 11 acres of land and turn it over to the 49ers, leaving the children with nothing.  We must unite to prevent this from happening.

 -- Deborah Bress


Some people think it is noble to steal from the rich and give to the poor. But it is criminal for rich to steal from the children.

 -- Karen Hardy



The city should not be taking away open space. The city promised several times not to touch this space. Let us hold our city to their word and have them maintain their promises for the future of all children.  If this city council cannot maintain their word then let it be recorded against them.

-- Kevin Park



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A message from Patricia Mahan, former Mayor of Santa Clara

"I worked hard to bring the stadium to Santa Clara - and made sure the city got fair market value for its land and an income stream from its operations. So why is our current mayor and the apparent majority of our city council members now willing to give away the soccer park next to the stadium for far less than its market value? AND without any plans to rebuild the soccer park elsewhere in the city? That's not the way we should do business in Santa Clara. If, like me, you think this is the wrong direction, our council needs to hear from you, especially those who have already expressed an opinion in favor of this plan - Mayor Matthews, Pat Kolstad, and Dominic Caserta. I hope it's not too late to save our soccer park."

Patricia Mahan, former Mayor of Santa Clara


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A message from Kathy Watanabe-Santa Clara Community Leader

"I supported the stadium. Now, I'm standing up for Santa Clara.

Soccer is played by thousands of children in our community. To see the Youth Soccer Park turned over for VIP football parking with no land located to replicate this valuable asset is not right. We need to insure that our children have a place to develop their talents."
Kathy Watanabe
Santa Clara Community Leader


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49ers new soccer plan: Santa Clara mayor's latest proposal short-changes kids

San Jose Mercury News, April 17, 2015
By Tino Silva, Steve Robertson and Vicki Field
Santa Clara Mayor Jamie Matthews is backing a plan that would jeopardize our city's world class youth soccer park to accommodate the 49ers' need for VIP stadium parking. It demonstrates how the 49ers their political muscle against the community and how political leaders accommodate them.
Matthews' proposal, introduced in this newspaper last week, places the needs of the NFL team high above those of the youth of Santa Clara. It would allow the team to shut down the soccer park during games days and special events this year, ruin our fields by parking cars on them and set a deadline of two years for the park to close entirely.
To understand why this is happening, some history is required.
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