Youth Soccer League Unexpectedly Halted Due to NFL’s Super Bowl

Youth soccer players in Santa Clara, California won’t be able to play for a couple of months in 2016 due to the Super Bowl “media village” being set up on their fields.

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Debi Davis, Teresa O'Neill and Lisa M. Gillmor: Santa Clara needs to register lobbyists

Debi Davis, Teresa O'Neill and Lisa M. Gillmor: Santa Clara needs to register lobbyists

With Super Bowl 50, Santa Clara will be in the national spotlight. Our city of 125,000 people will host the biggest American sporting event of the year. Although we proudly maintain a small-town feel, we've clearly become a major city.


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City of Santa Clara Leadership Hides NFL Usage of Soccer Park in a Closed Session Meeting

The Santa Clara City Leadership Team just moved the discussion about the NFL's use of the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park from an open and transparent conversation, to a Closed Door Meeting held Tuesday, December 8th.

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Will Santa Clara Residents Get Stuck with the NFL's Repair Bill After the Super Bowl Ends?

Communication Breakdown

Super Bowl 50 is only 11 weeks away and there is a communication black-out from the NFL, the Super Bowl 50 Committee and the City of Santa Clara Leadership regarding usage plans at the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park. Do we really believe that an international sporting event as big as the Super Bowl is not well planned in advance? We think not, and we believe that Santa Clara residents should be concerned about the closed-door planning sessions for the NFL event, and the potential destruction of the Soccer Park generating a giant field repair bill. Will the City Leaders hold the NFL accountable for the repair bill or let them skip town then give the repair bill to Santa Clara taxpayers?

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We won tonite, thanks to you

Tonight, at the Santa Clara City Council meeting, we stopped the San Francisco 49ers take over of the Youth Soccer Park.

Hundreds of people packed the city council chambers and an equal number stood outside.


About 75 speakers spoke publicly against the proposal. No one spoke in favor. Nobody.


The council decided to create a process that includes all stakeholders, not just the 49ers presenting their proposal behind closed doors.

Council-members Lisa Gillmor and Teresa O'Neill led the effort to make the process more publicly.  Council-members Debi Davis, Pat Kolstad, and Jerry Marsalli were supportive.

But the work is not over. The council will still consider options. 

So we need you to stay involved and ask friends to sign up at to keep informed. Please like and share this message on Facebook and Twitter.

And feel good about how we stood up for Santa Clara tonight!

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Community Leaders and former candidates: Deborah Bress, Karen Hardy, and Kevin Park are Standing Up for Santa Clara


Santa Clara is our home -- there are things we have agreed to do in the community that have been maintained and are a part of our heritage. One of these is a commitment to our children. There is a plan to seize 11 acres of land and turn it over to the 49ers, leaving the children with nothing.  We must unite to prevent this from happening.

 -- Deborah Bress


Some people think it is noble to steal from the rich and give to the poor. But it is criminal for rich to steal from the children.

 -- Karen Hardy



The city should not be taking away open space. The city promised several times not to touch this space. Let us hold our city to their word and have them maintain their promises for the future of all children.  If this city council cannot maintain their word then let it be recorded against them.

-- Kevin Park



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