Attack on Freedom of Speech in Santa Clara


By Hosam Haggag, Santa Clara resident, community activist & thought leader

There is an Attack on Our Freedom of Speech in Santa Clara and WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

By now, you've probably heard of the lawsuit that Miles Barber from the Santa Clara Weekly has filed against Robert Haugh's new website Santa Clara News Online. I had posted about Miles having registered the same name "Santa Clara News Online" and just as I had thought, he is using that as one of the reasons he's suing Robert Haugh. Read More...

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It’s Not Just the Mayor Who Can’t Trust the 49ers, it’s Our Community

Santa Clara residents finally have a mayor willing to stand up to the 49ers.  Lisa Gillmor is a welcome change from the Jamie Matthews administration who genuflected at the team’s feet.

When Scott Herhold from the San Jose Mercury News suggests it’s a quarrelsome marriage, he ignores an important fact. It’s not just the Mayor who can’t trust the 49ers, it’s our community. And we have good reason.

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Santa Clara Appoints New Interim City Attorney


Reprint from: Santa Clara News Online By Robert Haugh

City Appoints New Interim City Attorney

The City of Santa Clara has  a new, Interim City Attorney. It’s Brian Doyle who is a Santa Clara resident and Civil Services Commissioner. He received unanimous support from the city council with Dominic Caserta absent for the vote.

Ren Nosky, who was the City Attorney, suddenly resigned during the holidays. Around town, people, say it wasn’t as dramatic as former Mayor Jamie Matthews’ resignation the day after the Super Bowl, but it was close. And there are some similar rumors swirling about reasons why.

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Is Santa Clara Overpaying for the Santa Clara Weekly?


January 16, 2017

Rod Diridon
City Clerk
City of Santa Clara
1500 Warburton Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Dear Mr. Diridon,

Thanks for meeting with me last year after we sent our complaint about advertising dollars being wasted in the Santa Clara Weekly. Since our conversation, we’ve done some research.
The Santa Clara Weekly was adjudicated in the City of Santa Clara in 1976, publication number 98550 and was "designated as an official newspaper for the Publication of Legal Notices," on December 15, 1992.  This is according to an information box  printed in the Weekly.

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Show Your Support at the City Council Meeting, Tues., Nov. 22nd

Santa Clara residents and Stand Up for Santa Clara supporters- please show your support for Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor, and Santa Clara City Council Members Teresa O'Neill, Debi Davis and Kathy Watanabe at Tuesday's City Council Meeting on Tuesday, November 22nd. They are standing up and doing what is RIGHT for the CITY and our RESIDENTS.

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Measure R Wins in a Landslide


Santa Clara voters made their voices loud and clear last night when nearly 90% of our community voted YES for Measure R on election day. Measure R protects Santa Clara parks and open space by requiring a vote of the people before city government can sell or change the use. We are particularly grateful that Measure R protects the Youth Soccer Park and the Ulistac Natural Area from potential development. The 49ers tried unsuccessfully to acquire those lands for their use. Now, it will be impossible for them to do so in a city hall backroom. For this, we have many people to thank the Santa Clara Charter Review Committee and especially Tino Silva for helping push this onto the ballot.

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