Santa Clara Candidate 2018 Questionnaire Challenge

Our goal at Stand Up for Santa Clara is for our community to be managed by an honest, transparent, trustworthy city government, not an NFL franchise. We plan to support candidates who share our goals.

This week we asked all the candidates to fill out our questionnaire and return it to us by Monday, August 27, 2018, 6pm. We will post the responses online. If any candidates choose not to respond, we will share that information with our community and voters.

Here is the list of candidates running for office in the November 2018 Election:

Burt Field
Stand Up for Santa Clara

Here is our Questionnaire:


Stadium Issues

  1. The 49ers want to change the weekday curfew that ends concerts at 10 p.m. to help residents who need to get to bed at a reasonable time to go to school or work the next day. The weekend curfew is 11 p.m. The team says they, as the stadium manager, and the city will make more money by changing the curfew. The residents say just because a concert ends at 10 p.m. doesn’t mean it’s quiet that early since it takes a couple hours for crowds to clear out. Would you vote to uphold or change the weekday curfew?

  2. Residential neighborhoods near the stadium and the 49er training facility have complained about the increase in noise from the 49ers practices when loud music and crowd noises are used to simulate games. Do you believe the City should enforce the noise ordinance and fine the 49ers for violations?

Clean Campaigns

  1. The 49ers have supported city council candidates in the past with direct contributions. In addition, the team supports candidates indirectly through third parties and “independent expenditures.”  Will you accept direct contributions from the team, the 49er leadership or staff, or affiliated consultants and vendors?

  2. Will you publicly ask the 49ers to refrain from assisting you through indirect contributions or independent expenditures?

  3. In 2016, a “dark money” organization (a political committee that would not disclose its donors) called BluPac spent heavily to support and attack council candidates.  BluPAC had direct ties to the 49ers. The team would not say if they funded the efforts. If BluPAC or another “dark money” organization supports your candidacy, will you disavow their help and ask them to stop spending money to support you or attack your opponents?

  4. Have you done work, directly or indirectly, or received gifts or compensation from entities who do business with the city: developers, contractors, vendors, or the 49ers?

  5. Some political consultants use aggressive tactics and threats to force candidates to hire them and sometimes pay them undisclosed amounts of cash, which is illegal. Will you refrain from directly hiring or indirectly hiring consultants who have a known history of engaging in illegal or unethical behavior?

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Vote Yes for Measure A and Stand Up for Santa Clara

Santa Clarans - Please Get out and Vote "YES" for Measure A on June 5th!
Sit down with Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Santa Clara Charter Review Committee Member Hosam Haggag to learn the truth about Measure A.
Did you know that:
  • Measure A was created by Santa Clarans for Santa Clarans by our very diverse Charter Review Committee.
  • Hosam Haggag discusses how Measure A's rank choice voting might have prevented Caserta from being elected because under the current system, he was elected with less than 50 percent of the vote.
  • Mayor Lisa Gillmor explains how Santa Clara is being sued for millions of dollars by some of the people opposed to Measure A.
  • Hosam Haggag reveals how the attorneys suing the city approached him to be a plaintiff because they were outsiders and needed to find someone in Santa Clara to sue.

Please Get out and Vote "YES" for Measure A

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Go One on One With Mayor Gillmor, June 1st at 7pm

Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gilmor

Go one-on-one with Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor on Friday, June 1st at 7pm. Join Santa Clara Charter Review Committee and super community activist Hosam Haggag as he leads an interview with Mayor Gilmor. Join the call and ask Mayor Gillmor questions at 712-451-0881 access code 787012. 

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Caserta Resigns

Santa Clara City Council Member Dominic Caserta resigned from the city council on Tuesday, May 15th and ended his election run for Santa Clara County Supervisor seat after 9 people filed police reports pertaining to allegations of sexual misconduct. 

Mr. Caserta has also been disciplined multiple times over the years for sexually harassing students by the Santa Clara Unified School District. In a written statement made yesterday, he still denies the sexual harassment claims ever took place while many of his political endorsements dropped their support. (Source: San Jose Inside, May 16, 2018)

Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gilmor led the Santa Clara City Council with swift and responsible action towards a censure vote against Caserta had he not resigned in the morning (the City Council cannot take action against a Santa Clara Unified School matter). Last Tuesday's City Council Meeting was packed with people and emotions. Mayor Gilmor graciously led the meeting and gave alleged Caserta victims to stand-up and speak-out. 

Mayor Gilmor stated:"As a mother with children the same age as Councilman Caserta's alleged victims, let me say to you: I feel sorry for what you ay have experienced. But I also commend you for your courage. It's not easy for anyone, especially young adults and minors, to stand-up to people in positions of power. But many of you stood up. Our community should applaud your bravery."

It's time for the community to heal and for the alleged victims to see justice served.

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Mayor Lisa Gilmor Asks Caserta to Resign After 9 Sexual Harassment Complaints Filed with Police

Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gilmor is leading the city council with swift and decisive action to officially admonish City Council Member Dominic Caserta and start the process to censure him and ask for his resignation at tomorrow's council meeting.

Nine police reports have now been filed against Mr. Caserta about potential sexual abuse and improper behavior. 

"As a mayor, I feel that we as a city council must act quickly and responsibly. I’m confident we will," said Mayor Gilmor. "As a mother,  I feel sad for the potential victims. I have children who are the same age as the students and campaign workers who Councilman Caserta may have abused.  I’m sickened by what they’ve publicly disclosed to the media."

I know that it takes a lot of courage for someone to stand up -- especially minors and young adults who may have been abused by someone in a position of power.  We as a community should be proud of them.

Join Mayor Gilmor in demanding the resignation of Council Member Dominic Caserta and sign our online petition.

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Because of Sexual Harassment, Santa Clara City Councilman Dominic Caserta Should Resign

Dominic Caserta, Santa Clara City Council Member charged with sexual harassment

Sign the Petition to demand his immediate resignation from the Santa Clara City Council.

Santa Clara City Council Member Dominic Caserta has been accused of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior by young campaign staffers and his students at Santa Clara High School -- some of them minors.

Caserta is now listed on Creep Sheet, an international encyclopedia of public figures accused of sexual assault and harassment.

Caserta is a close ally of the 49ers. The team has given him tens of thousands of dollars for his political campaigns. (Source: campaign reports) He sided with them to take the Youth Soccer Park away from the community. 

Recently, four potential victims have filed police reports with the Santa Clara Police Department. But Caserta's sexual harassment of students has existed for decades. (Source: KTVU and NBC Bay Area, May 10)

In 2002, a school principal told Caserta that the district found “sufficient evidence” that his sexually charged comments and actions created “a hostile work environment” for students. (Source: Metro Newspaper, May 9)

This is unacceptable. He has harmed innocent young people and shamed himself, his family, Santa Clara High School, the Santa Clara Unified School District, the Santa Clara City Council, and the good people of the Mission City.

Caserta doesn't show remorse and won't take responsibility for his actions. (Source: Mercury News, May 9)

Sign the Petition to demand his immediate resignation from the Santa Clara City Council.

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