Dominic Caserta & Stadium Authority Should Follow The Law


The Santa Clara Stadium Authority (managed by StadCo/ManCo aka, the San Francisco 49ers) are politicizing their failure to book Ed Sheeran's weekday concert at Levis Stadium because they can't run the concert past the 10pm noise curfew. They are using the news to throw Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gilmor under the bus, and Santa Clara Vice Mayor Dominic Caserta is too eager to attack Mayor Gilmor for following the City of Santa Clara law. 

San Francisco 49ers President Al Guido is crying about lost revenues, but why can't Guido/StadCo just start the concert earlier to comply with the stadium regulations? Do you think pop-star Ed Sheering knows anything about Santa Clara's 10pm curfew or cares when the concert starts and ends?

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Transparency Tour Kicks-Off


Join Santa Clara resident and super community activist Hosam Haggag tonight (Thur/May 18th) at 8pm when he kicks-off the new "Transparency Tour" with Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor. Click here to join the Town Hall chat on Hosam's Facebook page.

The objective of the Transparency Tour is to engage Santa Clara residents on the issues we all care about and to bring more transparency to our local government. Events will be hosted in public meeting locations and broadcast live on Facebook. Video recordings will also be archived for viewing on his Facebook page.


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Tell Police Chief Mike Sellers to Follow the Law

Police Chief Mike Sellers is trying to push the city council to pay extra for the security at the 49ers vs Seahawks game that was played Jan 1, 2017.

But it’s against the law -- Measure J the taxpayer protection act that prohibits general fund money from being used for stadium operations.

Sellers says that the police officers who voluntarily sign up to work at the game had to be promised extra pay because not enough people wanted to work. But there are two big problems: no one approved the expenditure and it violates Measure J.

What’s Sellers thinking? During the campaign, he was criticized for not understanding Measure J and breaking the law. Now, he’s doing it again.

Tell the Santa Clara City Council to stand up to Sellers and follow the law.

Please Call (408) 615-2250 or email

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Attack on Freedom of Speech in Santa Clara


By Hosam Haggag, Santa Clara resident, community activist & thought leader

There is an Attack on Our Freedom of Speech in Santa Clara and WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

By now, you've probably heard of the lawsuit that Miles Barber from the Santa Clara Weekly has filed against Robert Haugh's new website Santa Clara News Online. I had posted about Miles having registered the same name "Santa Clara News Online" and just as I had thought, he is using that as one of the reasons he's suing Robert Haugh. Read More...

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It’s Not Just the Mayor Who Can’t Trust the 49ers, it’s Our Community

Santa Clara residents finally have a mayor willing to stand up to the 49ers.  Lisa Gillmor is a welcome change from the Jamie Matthews administration who genuflected at the team’s feet.

When Scott Herhold from the San Jose Mercury News suggests it’s a quarrelsome marriage, he ignores an important fact. It’s not just the Mayor who can’t trust the 49ers, it’s our community. And we have good reason.

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Santa Clara Appoints New Interim City Attorney


Reprint from: Santa Clara News Online By Robert Haugh

City Appoints New Interim City Attorney

The City of Santa Clara has  a new, Interim City Attorney. It’s Brian Doyle who is a Santa Clara resident and Civil Services Commissioner. He received unanimous support from the city council with Dominic Caserta absent for the vote.

Ren Nosky, who was the City Attorney, suddenly resigned during the holidays. Around town, people, say it wasn’t as dramatic as former Mayor Jamie Matthews’ resignation the day after the Super Bowl, but it was close. And there are some similar rumors swirling about reasons why.

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