Kathleen Congistre

  • Are Santa Clara City Officials Covering Up a Lobbyist Violation?

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    Did you know that just months after Santa Clara established a lobbyist ordinance it was violated?  And the violator was a former mayor and city council member who, coincidentally, is running for city council again. That would be Patty Mahan who was hired to lobby for a billboard company.

    It’s easy to miss this piece of news. The city buried the report on its website.

    Thankfully, SanJoseInside.com covered the violation.  And they raised some issues about Santa Clara City Attorney Ren Noskey.
    Has Ren Noskey buried this report as a way to hide his responsibility for the poor enforcement of the lobbyist ordinance? Or is Noskey attempting to help Mahan’s council campaign? Either way, it’s not good.
    The report was made public on September 28th. But the report and investigator have not been placed on a city council agenda for discussion. It’s not on today’s agenda, the last one before the November election.
    If Santa Clara is serious about good transparent government, it shouldn’t bury lobbyist violations by a former mayor. And it shouldn’t have a city attorney who can’t be trusted to enforce good government measures.

    Please sign the petition if you agree that:

    • Patty Mahan violated the lobbyist ordinance. But she should not receive special treatment because she’s a former mayor and current city council candidate.
    • City Attorney Ren Noskey has handled the lobbyist ordinance in a manner that’s not open or transparent or consistent with good government principles. The City Council should remove him from this role and establish an alternative system to handle potential violations.
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