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  • Q: Are You in Favor of the NFL Building Structures on Soccer Park Fields?
    A: No - Don’t Build Structures on Soccer Park & I Would be Willing to Support Future Action Against Those Members Who Do

    Cast Your Vote & Tell the Santa Clara City Council How to Manage the Use of Soccer Park During the Super Bowl


    Cast Your Vote & Tell the Santa Clara City Council How to Manage the Use of Soccer Park During the Super Bowl

    The Mayor of Santa Clara, the Santa Clara City Manager, and select members of the City Council are willing to let the NFL construct Media Center structures on Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park soccer fields during the Super Bowl. This could damage and/or destroy the soccer fields.

    The City plans to close the Youth Soccer Park on Dec. 31st. Our soccer players that are practicing and competing in State Cup Championship events will have no place to practice and compete. The City has not published a plan or timeline if or when the Soccer Park will be returned. 

    Here are the Facts:

    1) The current NFL Super Bowl 50 Agreement with the City does not have specific details on use of the Youth Soccer Park.

    2) The City Manager has given himself the authority to sign an agreement with the Super Bowl Committee on Tuesday, December 15th without City Council approval at the Council Meeting.

    3) The Super Bowl agreement requests the closure and lock-down of the stadium venue 1-week prior to the Super Bowl, and the week of the event.

    4) It’s the Mayor of Santa Clara & the Santa Clara City Manager who are pushing the closure of the Youth Soccer Park for well over 2 months, NOT the NFL. They are behind the plan to construct a media center and other structures on the soccer fields.

    5) The San Francisco 49ers want the entire media center and hard structures built on our youth soccer fields, while they in turn host the NFL’s staging of half-time practice (light usage of their fields).

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