Cary Tucker

  • Q: Should Patty Mahan be fined for illegally lobbying city officials to build more billboards in Santa Clara?
    A: Yes

    Should Patty Mahan be fined for illegally lobbying?


    September 28, 2016 - Breaking News: Patty Mahan Illegally Lobbied City Officials to Build More Billboards in Santa Clara

    Report from City Independent Investigator: “I conclude Ms. Mahan engaged in lobbying within the meaning of the Lobbying Ordinance when she met with various City officials on AllVision’s (billboard company) behalf, and that she was not exempt from registration as a lobbyist under the attorney exemption.”

    Patty Mahan Violated Lobbyist Rules But Will She Be Fined?

    Patty Mahan illegally lobbied city officials, but the investigator recommends that she should not be fined because Mahan thought she was acting as an attorney.  Really? She served 20 years as the Mayor and City Council member and she doesn't know when she acted as a lobbyist.

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