Tell Mahan and Caserta to Protect Santa Clara, Not the 49ers

Santa Clara City Council Members Patricia Mahan and Dominic Caserta have flipped-flopped on the Levis Stadium 10pm weekday curfew. Back in 2010, Patricia Mahan was the Santa Clara Mayor and Dominic Caserta was a Santa Clara City Council Member. They both voted in support of the Levis Stadium 10pm weekday curfew. 

Last year Ms. Mahan and Mr. Caserta both received support from BluPac, and this year Caserta received political donations from San Francisco 49er executives. 

Now they are both pushing to extend the weekday curfew and are not up-holding the law and protecting the community of Santa Clara. 

Send Ms. Mahan and Mr. Caserta your opinion at (408) 615-2250 or email

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  • I’m concerned about any alliances with the 49er’s. I’m also concerned about how our city council members are in such opposition and standing against one another and unable to communicate in a healthy productive manner. I think our political climate right now is full of conflict and struggle creating an anxious and insecure community. I’d like to see our city politicians find another way to bridge communication, conflict and differences. I’d like to encourage the StandUp4SantaClara consider taking a stand that brings in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. How can we not perpetuate this conflict by bringing curiosity and a genuine interest to the conversation?? Just a few thoughts that seem important right now…