Dominic Caserta & Stadium Authority Should Follow The Law


The Santa Clara Stadium Authority (managed by StadCo/ManCo aka, the San Francisco 49ers) are politicizing their failure to book Ed Sheeran's weekday concert at Levis Stadium because they can't run the concert past the 10pm noise curfew. They are using the news to throw Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gilmor under the bus, and Santa Clara Vice Mayor Dominic Caserta is too eager to attack Mayor Gilmor for following the City of Santa Clara law. 

San Francisco 49ers President Al Guido is crying about lost revenues, but why can't Guido/StadCo just start the concert earlier to comply with the stadium regulations? Do you think pop-star Ed Sheering knows anything about Santa Clara's 10pm curfew or cares when the concert starts and ends? 

Mayor Gilmor and Santa Clara City Council Members Kathy Watanabe, Debi Davis and Teresa O'Neill are following the law.

We need you to Stand Up for Our Community, Stand Up for our Northside Neighborhood, and Stand Up for our Mayor and Council Members who are protecting the rights and interest of our community.

Join us at tomorrow's 7pm City Council Meeting or by call (408) 615-2250 or email to express your opinion.

Dominic sold-out the Santa Clara soccer community two years ago and voted to allow the 49ers to buy the Soccer Park for pennies on the dollar. Now he wants to disregard the Santa Clara curfew law to please the 49ers again. 

Remember that Dominic Caserta gladly sold-out the Santa Clara Community again to please the 49ers when you vote for Supervisor in 2018! #FollowTheLawCaserta 

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