It’s Not Just the Mayor Who Can’t Trust the 49ers, it’s Our Community


Santa Clara residents finally have a mayor willing to stand up to the 49ers.  Lisa Gillmor is a welcome change from the Jamie Matthews administration who genuflected at the team’s feet.

When Scott Herhold from the San Jose Mercury News suggests it’s a quarrelsome marriage, he ignores an important fact. It’s not just the Mayor who can’t trust the 49ers, it’s our community. And we have good reason.


Jed York wrote this letter in 2012 committing to keeping the Youth Soccer Park open and to building additional soccer fields because NFL games and stadium events would disrupt our league. The team now says he didn’t really mean it. We know better because he also met with us in person to make his commitment. So, we’ve learned that York’s words whether spoken or written, don’t seem to mean much. But your readers can judge for themselves if his letter is “ambiguous.”

Tino Silva
Santa Clara Youth Soccer, Past President

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