San Jose Mercury News Gets It Wrong – Santa Clara Mayor Gillmor Under Attack from pro-49er councilmembers



Santa Clara, CA – San Jose Mercury News reporter Ramona Giwargis published a story today with false accusations and claims that Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gilmor is using the City’s PR Firm without authorization. '

Let’s clarify the facts.

  1. The entire City Council approved a motion to hire Banner Public Relations to help communicate important city initiatives to our community. The reason the City Council decided to hire an external PR Firm was due to their struggle to get accurate and truthful news out to Santa Clara residents.
  2. Mayor Gillmor is a spokesperson identified to represent the City of Santa Clara like the other Council Members – all are spokespeople that need to engage with the PR Firm for media training and interview preparation.
  3. The City Attorney reviewed the meeting notes between Mayor Gillmor and the PR Firm and found no violation of the city charter.

“Rather than focusing on rebuilding their 1-9 football team, the 49ers are manipulating Councilwoman Mahan and Vice Mayor Caserta just to undercut Mayor Gillmor who is standing up for our community,” said Burt Field, Santa Clara resident and Stand Up for Santa Clara spokesperson. “Mayor Gillmor is following the law and enforcing rules inside Measure J; upholding the Levis Stadium curfew, uncovered misappropriated city general funds with the stadium audit, and protected our open spaces and soccer park.”



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Tell Mahan and Caserta to Protect Santa Clara, Not the 49ers

Santa Clara City Council Members Patricia Mahan and Dominic Caserta have flipped-flopped on the Levis Stadium 10pm weekday curfew. Back in 2010, Patricia Mahan was the Santa Clara Mayor and Dominic Caserta was a Santa Clara City Council Member. They both voted in support of the Levis Stadium 10pm weekday curfew. 

Last year Ms. Mahan and Mr. Caserta both received support from BluPac, and this year Caserta received political donations from San Francisco 49er executives. 

Now they are both pushing to extend the weekday curfew and are not up-holding the law and protecting the community of Santa Clara. 

Send Ms. Mahan and Mr. Caserta your opinion at (408) 615-2250 or email

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Dominic Caserta & Stadium Authority Should Follow The Law


The Santa Clara Stadium Authority (managed by StadCo/ManCo aka, the San Francisco 49ers) are politicizing their failure to book Ed Sheeran's weekday concert at Levis Stadium because they can't run the concert past the 10pm noise curfew. They are using the news to throw Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gilmor under the bus, and Santa Clara Vice Mayor Dominic Caserta is too eager to attack Mayor Gilmor for following the City of Santa Clara law. 

San Francisco 49ers President Al Guido is crying about lost revenues, but why can't Guido/StadCo just start the concert earlier to comply with the stadium regulations? Do you think pop-star Ed Sheering knows anything about Santa Clara's 10pm curfew or cares when the concert starts and ends? 

Mayor Gilmor and Santa Clara City Council Members Kathy Watanabe, Debi Davis and Teresa O'Neill are following the law.

We need you to Stand Up for Our Community, Stand Up for our Northside Neighborhood, and Stand Up for our Mayor and Council Members who are protecting the rights and interest of our community.

Join us at tomorrow's 7pm City Council Meeting or by call (408) 615-2250 or email to express your opinion.

Dominic sold-out the Santa Clara soccer community two years ago and voted to allow the 49ers to buy the Soccer Park for pennies on the dollar. Now he wants to disregard the Santa Clara curfew law to please the 49ers again. 

Remember that Dominic Caserta gladly sold-out the Santa Clara Community again to please the 49ers when you vote for Supervisor in 2018! #FollowTheLawCaserta 

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Transparency Tour Kicks-Off


Join Santa Clara resident and super community activist Hosam Haggag tonight (Thur/May 18th) at 8pm when he kicks-off the new "Transparency Tour" with Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor. Click here to join the Town Hall chat on Hosam's Facebook page.

The objective of the Transparency Tour is to engage Santa Clara residents on the issues we all care about and to bring more transparency to our local government. Events will be hosted in public meeting locations and broadcast live on Facebook. Video recordings will also be archived for viewing on his Facebook page.

Future Transparency Tour meetings will be hosted in-person at different locations throughout the city in addition to the livestream audience. Visit to subscribe to his email newsletter for updates.

Hosam is a member of the Santa Clara Charter Review Committee, an Old Quad resident and has been streaming Santa Clara City Council Meetings live for nearly a year. Last year he hosted a series of in-depth interviews with Santa Clara civic candidates called "On the HotSeat" with Hosam. 


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Tell Police Chief Mike Sellers to Follow the Law

Police Chief Mike Sellers is trying to push the city council to pay extra for the security at the 49ers vs Seahawks game that was played Jan 1, 2017.

But it’s against the law -- Measure J the taxpayer protection act that prohibits general fund money from being used for stadium operations.

Sellers says that the police officers who voluntarily sign up to work at the game had to be promised extra pay because not enough people wanted to work. But there are two big problems: no one approved the expenditure and it violates Measure J.

What’s Sellers thinking? During the campaign, he was criticized for not understanding Measure J and breaking the law. Now, he’s doing it again.

Tell the Santa Clara City Council to stand up to Sellers and follow the law.

Please Call (408) 615-2250 or email

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Attack on Freedom of Speech in Santa Clara


By Hosam Haggag, Santa Clara resident, community activist & thought leader

There is an Attack on Our Freedom of Speech in Santa Clara and WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

By now, you've probably heard of the lawsuit that Miles Barber from the Santa Clara Weekly has filed against Robert Haugh's new website Santa Clara News Online. I had posted about Miles having registered the same name "Santa Clara News Online" and just as I had thought, he is using that as one of the reasons he's suing Robert.


Let's all take a stand and support Haugh against this frivolous lawsuit. Pitch in whatever little you can - every amount counts.

So let's get this straight:
1) Haugh used to work for the Santa Clara Weekly a long time ago. He left back then.
2) The Santa Clara Weekly takes sides in the 2016 election, and is completely biased. They publish fake news allegations against  Santa Clara City Council candidates Debi Davis, Tino Silva, Kathy Watanabe and Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gilmore. The SC Weekly "reporter" Carolyn Schuck pens some articles that are used on the website attacking these candidates. BluePac is a shadowy Political Action Committee behind the vicious attacks on candidates Davis, Silva and Watanabe last year.
3) Haugh launches a new news website.
4) Weekly is ousted as a voice unfavorable to Santa Claran's best interests in the sphere of public opinion.
5) Barber figures out that Haugh didn't yet register his business name, even though he already has the website, domain name, and is already operating with that name.
6) Barber registers the name as ammo to help his lawsuit.
7) Barber sues Haugh...

This is the textbook definition of:
A) Fear of competition
B) Infringing on constitutional freedom of speech
C) Hindering the freedom of press
D) Frivolous lawsuit

And just this morning... Mr Barber is checking out my LinkedIn profile... what is he doing? Planning to sue me next? Good grief. It wouldn't be the first time I dealt with a wack lawsuit...

It is CRITICAL that we all support the freedom of press. Even if you don't know Haugh, the principle is extremely important. If Barber wins this frivolous lawsuit (not by merit, but simply because Haugh couldn't afford to defend himself), then Barber will feel empowered to go after others who speak truth to power.

Hosam Haggag, Santa Clara resident, community activist & thought leader

Also, in full disclaimer, Santa Clara News Online has been re-sharing my video series every Thursday. I benefit nothing from this (other than a bigger audience) - these are my own personal video series with no input or direction from Robert. He asked if he could re-share them and as with anything on social media I told him to have at it. I have no problem with anybody and everybody sharing my videos - you never need to ask permission to share my videos, but I guess he felt the need to ask, and that's cool and all.

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It’s Not Just the Mayor Who Can’t Trust the 49ers, it’s Our Community


Santa Clara residents finally have a mayor willing to stand up to the 49ers.  Lisa Gillmor is a welcome change from the Jamie Matthews administration who genuflected at the team’s feet.

When Scott Herhold from the San Jose Mercury News suggests it’s a quarrelsome marriage, he ignores an important fact. It’s not just the Mayor who can’t trust the 49ers, it’s our community. And we have good reason.


Jed York wrote this letter in 2012 committing to keeping the Youth Soccer Park open and to building additional soccer fields because NFL games and stadium events would disrupt our league. The team now says he didn’t really mean it. We know better because he also met with us in person to make his commitment. So, we’ve learned that York’s words whether spoken or written, don’t seem to mean much. But your readers can judge for themselves if his letter is “ambiguous.”

Tino Silva
Santa Clara Youth Soccer, Past President

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Santa Clara Appoints New Interim City Attorney


Reprint from: Santa Clara News Online By Robert Haugh

City Appoints New Interim City Attorney

The City of Santa Clara has  a new, Interim City Attorney. It’s Brian Doyle who is a Santa Clara resident and Civil Services Commissioner. He received unanimous support from the city council with Dominic Caserta absent for the vote.

Ren Nosky, who was the City Attorney, suddenly resigned during the holidays. Around town, people, say it wasn’t as dramatic as former Mayor Jamie Matthews’ resignation the day after the Super Bowl, but it was close. And there are some similar rumors swirling about reasons why.

Stand Up for Santa Clara, a grassroots organization that formed to save the soccer park,  recently released a statement that reflects a lot of what we’ve been hearing around town. Here are a few tidbits from that:

“This is a welcome development for Santa Clara residents and everyone who believes in transparency and good government. Nosky had a terrible record in these areas as a city attorney. Nosky should have represented the interests of the city and its residents, but rarely did.”

“Nosky was responsible for creating and managing the legal agreements with the 49ers … (not good)

Nosky recommended a law firm that had ties to the 49ers and NFL to represent the city …(not good)

Nosky failed to enforce the lobbyist ordinance when former Mayor Patty Mahan ran for office last year and refused to register as a lobbyist for a billboard company that wants to build more billboards in our city….. (really not good)

We wish Doyle the best of luck as he will have a lot things to clean up. But his job won’t be boring.

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Is Santa Clara Overpaying for the Santa Clara Weekly?


January 16, 2017

Rod Diridon
City Clerk
City of Santa Clara
1500 Warburton Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Dear Mr. Diridon,

Thanks for meeting with me last year after we sent our complaint about advertising dollars being wasted in the Santa Clara Weekly. Since our conversation, we’ve done some research.
The Santa Clara Weekly was adjudicated in the City of Santa Clara in 1976, publication number 98550 and was "designated as an official newspaper for the Publication of Legal Notices," on December 15, 1992.  This is according to an information box  printed in the Weekly.
As you mentioned to me,  the Weekly is the only print newspaper primarily serving the city of Santa Clara. However, there are other means of publishing legal notices in publications that also serve the city of Santa Clara, like the San José Mercury News, Metro News, and others. The list is available from the Superior Court, and entitled “List of General Circulation Newspapers.”

Government Code Sections 6000 and 6008 lay out the framework for being a newspaper of general circulation.  Section 6000 provides:

A “newspaper of general circulation” is a newspaper published for the dissemination of local or telegraphic news and intelligence of a general character, which has a bona fide subscription list of paying subscribers, and has been established, printed and published at regular intervals in the State, county, or city where publication, notice by publication, or official advertising is to be given or made for at least one year preceding the date of the publication, notice or advertisement.
Many people in the community have become alerted that the Santa Clara Weekly may not have a bona fide list of paid subscribers. In fact, it is primarily distributed unsolicited to homeowners and businesses. Government code cites, "A list is “bona fide” if it is a “real, actual, genuine subscription list.” You told me that you have no way of knowing the Weekly’s subscription numbers.

Given this information, we believe that the City may be overpaying for legal notices since you don’t know the Weekly’s paid subscribers.  According to our sources, it may be as low as 90. We ask that city staff confirm the circulation of the Weekly before any more advertising dollars are spent with this publication since it may be wasteful. Currently, Silicon Valley Power is advertising with the Weekly.

Also, we believe the city of Santa Clara could save money if it printed legal notices in other publications. We ask that you do an analysis of cost to determine if their rates are lower. City staff should not waste taxpayers’ dollars by overpaying for legal notices when other publications are less expensive and probably reach more residents of Santa Clara.


Burt Field

Stand Up for Santa Clara

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Show Your Support at the City Council Meeting, Tues., Nov. 22nd


Santa Clara residents and Stand Up for Santa Clara supporters- please show your support for Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor, and Santa Clara City Council Members Teresa O'Neill, Debi Davis and Kathy Watanabe at Tuesday's City Council Meeting on Tuesday, November 22nd. They are standing up and doing what is RIGHT for the CITY and our RESIDENTS.

Bring your family, friends and neighbors. We need to show the San Francisco 49ers executive staff that they need to follow the law like everybody else in this city! Free pizza and cannoli will be available at 6:15pm from A Slice of New York.

  • Show Jed York, and Santa Clara City Council Members Dominic Caserta and Pat Kolstad that Santa Clara belongs to the residents!
  • Come early to get a seat inside – don’t get shut into the lobby like last week. You can choose to simply say, “I support you Mayor” or you can share whatever is on your mind for up to two minutes (fill out a speaker card in the front of the chambers). Or you can sit in solidarity, silently showing your support.
  • You can also email Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor and the Santa Clara City Council members a message that you want the council to stand firm for our community to ensure the 49ers deliver the financial audit details. The independent auditors already know the city was illegally billed for some of the stadium operations under former Mayor Jamie Matthews and City Manager Julio Fuentes regime.

The 49ers need to follow the law and comply with Measure J regulations. #FollowTheLaw 

Tuesday, November 22nd

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