Fighting for Open, Honest and Transparent Government

Stand Up for Santa Clara is a coalition of concerned citizens working to protect the democratic process in Santa Clara and prevent the San Francisco 49ers and special interest groups from taking over our community.

Watch our press conference video to understand how we believe the San Francisco 49ers are secretly laundering money to Influence Santa Clara Political Races

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  • Stand up for ALL of Santa Clara, including the Youth Soccer Park and Montague Park (SaveMontaguePark.com). We’re all in it together!
  • Stand up for Santa clara soccer history since 1971
  • Stand up for the kids!!
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  • Help save or find a suitable replacement for the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park!
  • Help save or find a suitable replacement for the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park! http://www.standupforsantaclara.com/?recruiter_id=297
  • This pending deal with the city and the 49ers is a bad deal for Santa Clara and a REALLY bad deal for Montague Park, Ullistac, Jenny Strand Park and a number of other public open space areas in Santa Clara. If the Youth Soccer League loses their park they will do what they have to do and will have the permission of the city council to take whatever land they need. The way I see it, their problem is our problem and our problem will become their solution. We are all collateral damage of the same much larger issue and why all Santa Clarans need to stand up for their city and hold politicians accountable.
  • Our Officials Mayor Jamie Mathew, Councilman Consserta, Councilman Pat Kolstad, sold this Marriage of the 49ers with Commitments to the City of Santa Clara Taxpayers, and its time to keep thoses marriage vows not at the expense of our Children. Our SLOGAN is ’YORK, Mayor Mathews, Councilman Consserta and Councilman Kolstad, KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OUR CHILDRENS SOCCER FIELDS".
    Don Lombardi Sr.
  • time to get a petition going, show Mathews, Kolstadt and Casserta who were funded by the 49ners
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  • I switched my son from SCYSL to the Sunnyvale Alliance league a few seasons ago. Reading about all this just confirms that decision in my own mind. But as a Santa Clara resident for the last 16 years, I just really don’t understand how the 49ers, and our elected officials can get away with this. One way to keep kids out of trouble as far as crime, drugs, etc, is provide extracurricular activities like soccer to keep them occupied, engaged, and keep them growing as individuals and members of society. I guess neither the 49ers or Jamie Matthews cares about that. And that’s too bad. Soccer will only ever get bigger in the United States, and it’s truly a shame how they both have dealt with this situation.
  • I don’t know why people today only care about the buck. Teaching values to our youth today, through sports, makes for a better future.
    What can we do to make the 49ers accountable ,
    for all they have promised?
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  • I think that we should stop talking to the 49ers and start talking to Levi…..

    Levi Strauss & Co.
    1155 Battery Street
    San Francisco, CA 94111
    Tel: (415) 501-6000
    Fax: (415) 501-7112

    Corporate Communications:
    Media Tel: (415) 501-7777
    Email: newsmediarequests@levi.com
  • It is time for all Santa Clarans to come together and take back Santa Clara FOR the citizens. As we stand separately we are allowing neighbors to be pitted against neighbors and interests against other interests. We need to stand together and remind City Council and City Staff that they work FOR and must work WITH us … Not for the developers, nor for the 49ers and especially not for special interests.

    Please let’s all stand together and demand that we, the citizens, are the ONLY special interest that counts in Santa Clara. Make our voices heard loud and clear.
    Stand Up Santa Clara … Stand Up with fellow SANTA CLARANS
  • On behalf of Save Montague Park, I want the city council to know that according to Wikipedia, Neighborhood parks, which generally range in size up to 30 acres (120,000 m2), serve as a social and recreational focal points for neighborhoods and are the basic units of a park system. Many include a playground.

    Neighborhood parks provide relief from the built environment for residents. They may offer a range of facilities and passive or active (programmed or unprogrammed) recreation in response to demographic and cultural characteristics of surrounding neighborhoods, with opportunities for interaction with nature. Neighborhood parks are largely accessible by foot, bicycle, or public transit within at least a quarter-mile radius from residences, providing easy access especially for children and senior adults.

    Putting a soccer park in place of Montague Neighborhood Park disallows the surrounding neighborhoods the opportunity to enjoy a neighborhood park.
  • My recommendation is to involve Levi Strauss & Co on the matter. The NFL’s boorish behavior on and off the field of late is not acceptable. The American public, and even more so, America’s youth, are not naive. A national boycott of all Levi products by all American youth soccer players and parents until the 49ers meet their written commitment should do the trick. The NFL has become an ugly and violent sport and spotlighting their bully attitude towards youth soccer leagues is a black eye Levi Strauss and the NFL should want no part of. Otherwise, a national boycott of all Levi Strauss products by all youth soccer participants and their parents should be considered.
  • The time has come for our city to elect council members from our own neighborhoods. Our current system of a free for all election is out dated and no longer serves the better interest of the people of our city. Instead, those that swore to represent us fairly are only basking in their power and self interest. It is time for us, the residents of Santa Clara, to rise up and create in Santa Clara, City Council Districts. This is our only solution. With a district system our beautiful city will no longer be run by the elites. But by individuals like you, who genuinely care for our city and their neighborhoods. Our city has grown to over 120k residents, the time has come for a new way of governing to be established. We must unite and create a district system in our city if we want to save it from the same people we trusted to represent us, from selling our city out. Remember the words which our constitution begin with “We The People.” You have the power to make this change. What will you do?
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