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Stand Up for Santa Clara is a coalition of concerned citizens working to protect the democratic process in Santa Clara and prevent the San Francisco 49ers and special interest groups from taking over our community.

Watch our press conference video to understand how we believe the San Francisco 49ers are secretly laundering money to Influence Santa Clara Political Races

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  • There are groups of people with similar interests who would join together for the same goal, if they knew that their interests would be considered as well. Save Montague Park has hundreds of people in Santa Clara who do not want to see the YSP taken away from the YSL because we fear our neighborhood park being taken as potential replacement fields. I think there are more followers than you realize.
  • Howard,
    Do you think that there are enough followers for our group to become a formal association recognize by the city? A coworker of mine was telling me that when a certain number of people band together, an application can be submitted to be recognized as a formal civil association. She suggested that as a formal association the group might be able to gain better leverage in getting things done. What do you think?
  • Vickie, thank you for the link. A recall gets messy in a hurry.
    A ballot initiative such as being discussed with Frank, to require districts or precincts would have to be carefully worded and I assume changes the city charter. This would require 15% of the registered voters as I understand it.
    It seems to me the initiative to stop the stadium had enough signatures but was somehow thwarted. I don’t remember the details, but suggests a fair amount of caution.
    I did find this description of the initiative process from the SC city atty in 2008. It is geared towards the stadium but provides the general guidelines.
  • Howard,
    Instead of going through a committee, if a group of ordinary citizens were able to get together and come up with an initiative to create a district system in Santa Clara. Think about it, imagine how bad it would look for anyone to public oppose such an idea. Especially for members of the City Council and any other interest groups.
    I don’t know how the current council have been able to stay in for so long. I remember the faces of the majority of this council from when I was still in grade school, now I’m 22. It just doesn’t seem right to me.
    I know if we work together we can find a way to place a proposal on the ballot to create the districts. I think fair representation is another big issue we all need to seriously think about. If we are able to sway the city government in our favor in regards of the soccer park. We would only run into the same problem in the future if we keep the current election rules.
    If this gets resolved, sooner or later this will happen again. When this does happen again, it could only be harder for us to do something about, because the next time we may be dealing with a council who would have cushioned themselves to survive another shake up.
  • Recall

    When we were investigating the recall requirements in years past (county of Santa Clara), it took signatures from 20% of the registered voters. The timelines are such that a recall effort would take about 1 year.


  • Frank,
    The the links you included weren’t informative in terms of anything specific to SC and the video was produced by the US Conference of Mayors and a little biased. Any recall effort is based on strong disagreement.
    If the current mayor is taking the side of big developers at the expense of our children and seniors, it could be money well spent. At this point, I am not personally in favor of a recall effort because I don’t have the particulars with which to have an informed opinion. Rather than duplicate efforts, I am asking if anyone has investigated what the requirements are in the city of SC.

    At a recent meeting of the Ethics Committee I suggested we have precinct or district representation for city council members. I could not agree with you more. It would make the elections less costly and we would actually have a representative on the council. This has been proposed in the past and not surprisingly was tabled. (I don’t have the details) If the response to the representation question is ‘all the council members represent me’ that means that none of them do. And i certainly feel that way.
  • Those of you who want the recall, it could cost us 200,000 or more. I’d rather have that money go to our children and seniors. Please read this page( http://ballotpedia.org/Mayoral_recalls), and watch the video (http://media.usmayors.org/services/player/bcpid834609841001?bckey=AQ~~,AAAAsC7dBek~,i3p6Y7W0pEN7o_pi9lpeYqJ4yzj_9OS4&bctid=897450460001) that was created by the United States Association of Mayors. Education is power!!
  • Timothy and Howard, the recall process is very expensive. Why put that added expense to the tax payers? We should propose an initiative to change the rules as to how our council members are elected. Instead of having city wide elections for council member seats. Each council member should represent a specific district in our city. We really need to concentrate on making sure we have fair representation in our city government. And not have the elites govern us as they see fit. But rather instruct our city government on how they should govern. What better way to do that, than to insure that one of our own is elected into office, right? Rather then someone chosen by the interest groups.
  • Timothy, what you say makes sense to at least shake them up. Do you know if anyone has researched the recall process?
  • The priority here is to take back control of our city. Its obvious the color of money has outweighed the preservation of our beautiful city. Our children should not suffer because of the greed of our city council and the Mayor. I THINK RECALLING THE MAYOR SHOULD BE AN INITIATIVE WE SHOULD WORK ON.
  • save the soccer park. I'm behind them all the way. join the fight for the kids.
  • People want the 49ers to be accountable. They are accountable to their owners, not the voters. The mayor and city council are the ones that can be held accountable. If they are not held accountable they can be swayed by campaign contributions and other trappings of power, albeit local. Continue applying pressure to your elected representatives. It is the only chance to save Santa Clara.
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  • The report says the 49ers rent with the option to buy and then change the usage later to whatever they want. The soccer fans don’t want to just give up their grounds ! Why should they? They were there first and knew it was a nice place to play before the big money gang got their bright ideas. The obnoxious way this is being presented is that because the worshipped 49ers made an offer, everyone must be pleased and of course the thing they want must be for sale. Ugh. That’s why this site is called “stand up” but it also could be called “wake up.”
  • I would love to interview these kids on my radio show The Passo Garage on All Fans Sports Radio. I started a movement against Jed last Nov. contact us @ thepassogarage@gmail.com Twitter is @thepassogarage my name is Anthony Passo and I am the host !
  • Everette, even if it were for Sale, the 49ers have not purchased anything. They want to lease, which is fine. I don’t think the city ought to be selling land, but how about leasing it out to the highest bidder. If someone wants to sign a lease for fair market value and put up a parking garage then the city can keep the land and hold the 49ers accountable to their word that THEY would relocate the soccer park if it became unusable.
  • Since Lisa M. Gillmor, Councilmember was quoted in the Merc News as saying “I’d sell the 49ers the land but not give it away,” I can assure her I and countless others will NOT be voting for her re-election.
    (Seat No. 6 – first term; two term limit)
    Term expires: November 2016
  • It would be very helpful if the San Jose Mercury News would take a stand against the 49ers instead of saying in an editorial “the city should just sell them the land” and yesterday an article talking only about what a fair price is for the soccer fields !!! WHO said they were for sale? The 49er billionaire owners and their greedy management are used to getting what they want so they assume everything can be bought. SJ Mercury, mind your own business.
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  • Stand up for the kids. They need the soccer park.
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  • Good job Tino. Keep on standing up for Santa Clara!!
  • Thanks for the updates. Who is running this group?
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  • I agree with you Everette!!
    Put the kids and their families before politics and football. We are the people who voted for you….it’s time you thought about what is right!!
  • 1) Publicly owned land is paid for by taxpayers and is not owned by a City Council or a school district.
    2) The 49ers’ CEO Jed York long ago made a promise before the stadium was even built to build additional youth soccer fields . Isn’t it interesting that he has been mute and stonewalling on that promise until his company wants more from our city. We want his additional soccer fields but not as a thank you for turning over and destroying the existing ones he said he’d keep.
    3) The City of Santa Clara needs to make strong changes toward SUSTAINABILITY !!! Even before the drought, I saw that environmental protections in the entire state of California have been pushed aside in favor of “development.” A set of chock-a-block condominiums was built near the intersection of Lawrence Expwy and Stevens Creek that went up so fast I didn’t even know it had been approved. Now, I hear murmurings that a similar deal would destroy the Kohl’s and replace with more high density ugliness.
    The Kohl’s store does provide jobs right now — the parking lot there is always full or very busy. We don’t want Santa Clara to look like the wasteland of downtown Sunnyvale! Sunnyvale had nice mom and pop businesses in attractive single story buildings with Spanish architecture — demolished and replaced with concrete.
    We can’t afford to continue building as the Santa Clara city council and that conservative Chamber of Commerce advocate — we don’t even have the water for the people already here.

    We need environmental protections and freedom from the greedy city council. If the Levi stadium is so great for the city, why haven’t all our taxes gone down instead of up? Initially, the 49er billionaires wanted the city to take all the risk on the stadium (providing free money and land) and the 49ers no risk. Now, I’m just glad I’m not a neighbor — check the reviews of the highest sold out event yet — the fake World Wrestling complete with lights, noise, traffic, helicopters. The Levi’s stadium must be great for the haves" but unfortunately not so great for "the have nots.

    Mayor Mathews, Kolstad, Casserta, the only thing that grows forever is cancer.
    For an example of how sustainability is fought for, why not look at how Marin Co has handled it:
  • The Mayor and his wrecking crew need to be STOPPED. Why start taking away what is already here. We have a beautiful city that is becoming overcrowded, the traffic is terrible, they are using every square foot of vacant space for housing, parking for the stadium and ruining what this great city used to be. I say recall the Mayor.