Frank Torres

  • Q: Should the city attorney investigate Patricia Mahan to determine if she violated the lobbyist ordinance?
    A: The city should hire an outsider investigator.

    Is Patty Mahan a Lobbyist?


    Stand Up for Santa Clara has been asked to support an effort to promote openness and honesty at Santa Clara City Hall. We’d like to know what you think before we take a position. Read the article in the San Jose Insider for background on this issue.

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  • Good morning,
    Hopefully everyone has been doing well.
    I apologize for having disappeared I was on vacation and have now returned.
    Have we thought of meeting as a group? I know the idea was brought up, but only saw a few individuals who commented about meeting.
    It is my belief that it could be in our best interest to meet, come up with some sort of game plan so we can properly structure ourselves in regards to coming up the best course of action we need to take in order to have our goals achieved!

    Hopefully we will all be on board with this.