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Stand Up for Santa Clara is a coalition of concerned citizens working to protect the democratic process in Santa Clara and prevent the San Francisco 49ers and special interest groups from taking over our community.

Watch our press conference video to understand how we believe the San Francisco 49ers are secretly laundering money to Influence Santa Clara Political Races

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  • Please help support in keeping our soccer field for the kids. http://www.standupforsantaclara.com/?recruiter_id=925
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  • Good morning,
    Hopefully everyone has been doing well.
    I apologize for having disappeared I was on vacation and have now returned.
    Have we thought of meeting as a group? I know the idea was brought up, but only saw a few individuals who commented about meeting.
    It is my belief that it could be in our best interest to meet, come up with some sort of game plan so we can properly structure ourselves in regards to coming up the best course of action we need to take in order to have our goals achieved!

    Hopefully we will all be on board with this.
  • I just saw updates were added and wanted to add my $0.02 . I am open to seeing input & information coming in from all sources, however I am also about term limits at all levels of government, so regarding input & point of view from the former mayor or any former council people, I would be interested only as long as they remain in the ‘former’ tense.
  • Good idea Kathryn!
    How about reaching out to former Mayor Patricia Mahan, I know she posted a statement on the page in our favor. And all the other community leaders who support us, any one have any idea how to reach out to them?

    Also what are we going to do as a group if the congressional candidates reach out to us? They are ramping up the campaigns, and with it also being a presidential election year, voter turnout is always higher, so the candidates need to woo more voters. Would we accept the assistance of a candidate if they offer it? I know that Ro Khanna has made a statement, that the 49ers should respect the market value of the land. Personally I just think that the candidates would only woo us for our vote. Its to their advantage after all, but at the same time how can a congressional candidate help us? It’s the city council that we need to deal with.

    What do you all think? Maybe as a group we should decide what to do, or should we not give it another thought?
  • Just a couple suggestions. I don’t see any way to private message someone here, but you could use Facebook. If anyone here is not on Facebook it’s easy to set up an account. If you really don’t want to use it you don’t have to friend every friend and family member. Just use it for this purpose if that’s all you want to do. There is a Stand Up for Santa Clara Facebook page. If you post there people from here will find you and can send private messages on Facebook.

    Also, I really don’t know if the creators started Stand Up for Santa Clara just for the purpose of saving the Youth Soccer Park, or if they have bigger plans, but you could reach out to them. If you go to the articles page on this site you can read their article. Their names are just under the title of the article. I couldn’t quite determine what their long term goals are just from that article, but it seems like they would like to take things beyond the Soccer Park issue.

    The other avenue I would suggest is reaching out to some of the community leaders who have made statements which were published on this site on the Blog page. Those people should be fairly easy to reach via Facebook.
  • Frank, I am game. My schedule is not as open as I thought it would be when I retired, but saving our city is important.
    Despite using social media more than I expected I can’t tell if this page offers a private messaging method. I have no expectation of privacy and for that reason don’t really want people to give out emails this widely or planning a meeting this publicly. Suggestions?
  • I strongly believe that those of us who can should meet. More then anything so we can put faces to names get to know one another so we can really work all together as a unified group. By using this page we can only do so much, and our conversations can only go so far. What do you Ll think about meeting in person?
  • I’m in I would like to help out . I’m not to savvy about politics but I’ve been in SC since 1955 and I can’t believe what is happening to our city.. I think we have grown to fast and when the valley takes another downturn as it always does what are we going to be left with. Our children and their futures will be compromised.
  • Frank, I totally agree.
  • Howard and Kathryn,
    Sounds as if the time to begin doing research has begun. Something that we all need to remember, the fight that we are going to begin now is for the benefit of future generations in Santa Clara. It may take us some time, but in the end we will accomplish what all individuals want. Leaving at least our little city a better place for our children.
  • Kathryn,
    There will be 4 council seats open in 2016. I believe all four are first term and can run for re-election. This is the best chance we have to either replace existing members if they have not been responsive to the residents or to support those that have been responsive. I have not personally made up my mind but this needs to be looked early and deeply.
  • Howard, I see what you’re saying. I hadn’t even thought about who is up for election in 2016. It sounds like we would really have to wait for 2018, which is why some people are suggesting a recall. I also understand if we were to go to districts, something would have to be put on the 2016 ballot for that to happen, which means the payoff wouldn’t be until 2018 anyway. Lots to think about and discuss.
  • Kathryn.
    If I’m looking for someone that favors smart (or controlled) growth in the 2016 election I would not be looking to the mayor or council members for advice. The only council members that have shown any restraint are up for re-election.
  • Frank, it seems to me that the council is not exactly in sync. I have no idea how this will play out in 2016, but if things remain as they are now, new candidates could emerge that will be supported by some of the council members, but more important, by the voters. It would be nice to see representation from different parts of Santa Clara (geographically). I don’t support a recall, but the idea of districts is appealing to me. We have no representation on the north side. With all the new housing in Rivermark in the last 10 years plus future development, it would be nice to have some kind of representation.
  • Howard,
    What if we put one of our own in office?
    Both you and I know, all to well that with out sufficient support, being elected is impossible without the “blessing” of someone on the council. Or ex-council member. Either way, who ever the candidates are, unless it is one of us. That person wont listen to our concerns, we all know that too well. You have even said it yourself as well.
  • Vickie, Rozane, Frank,
    I agree the citizens of Santa Clara should do something to rein in the city leaders. Currently I am very busy working to control the impact of a high density apartment complex proposed on the Mariani property which leaves little time for other efforts.
    We should keep our eye on the 2016 city council race. If we can support people that believe in controlled growth vs. what we are seeing now, I believe the city has a chance.
  • Noted. So asking again, is anyone here privy to the goings on regarding the historical preservation ordinance guidelines that can be posted here? I was unaware until the last council meeting, just how often & for how long attempts to pass the ordinance have occurred. The guidelines would encompass all of Santa Clara and would eliminate a lot of questions and ease concerns further down the road.
  • Rozane,
    I know that this group will not only be concerned about the soccer field and the cities relationship with the 49ers. But ALL issues we have in our city. As Vickie said earlier, we need to band together and talk about all our issues, and figure out ways to resolve them.
  • I finally saw the city council meeting in its entirety. Is anyone privy to the History Preservation guidelines? I’d like to see that issue resolved is it will probably help a lot with not only the preservation of historic homes, but saving parks and areas prior to development.
  • I couldn’t agree with you more Vickie, we don’t want to be just another angry group.
    We want to get things done. I think that a small group meeting is an excellent idea.
    I will see what I can do to coordinate something, create a facebook group or something that is invite only so we can set up a time and place to meet as a small group.

    If anyone else is interested in participating in this small group meeting, please express your interest on this page.
  • I think that you will be successful in getting more public interest if your focus is on creating a group that isn’t as adversarial/angry as previous Santa Clara groups. I think that it would be good to have a small group meet to discuss issues.
  • I didn’t know that the creator was anonymous.

    I can see the problem Vickie. Well maybe we should take matters into our own hands. Perhaps we can coordinate something for us, as the group to meet somewhere, have a pot luck style lunch or something. Get to know one another and choose a set group of individuals who can act on the behalf of the larger group, or something to that affect. I just strongly feel that we need to start getting organized and take our group to the next level. Not just keep it confined to ideas, but start actually doing something about our issues.

    I know that if we are well organized, we can find a win-win solution. We would be able to keep our parks, and the Soccer Community can have their soccer fields. I know that if we all just sit down and really think this out, we can come up with a viable solution.
  • Which PR group did the Niners use when they set up in front of grocery stores to move Measure J up from a general election year to an off-election year? Those are the people that could coordinate the masses, obviously that group was successful.
  • I know that many people don’t like how the “creator” is anonymous and are beginning to be skeptical of this site. Why not be honest about who you are? Really.
  • The creator of Stand Up for Santa Clara know how to get in touch with us and we have communicated, but it’s complicated. Our problem of losing our neighborhood park to soccer fields, or even losing a portion of our park to 1 field, is the soccer community’s consolation prize. It’s a lose lose situation if that happens. This goes way beyond soccer fields. The soccer fields are a symptom of a larger problem, lack of proper planning on part of the City of Santa Clara. We can all band together to fight for the same goals of better long term city planning.
  • Kathryn,
    Thank you for that. I’m sure if we reach out to them we could band together and really see our numbers grow. I feel that we are no longer just fighting for our soccer field. But rather the bigger picture, which is taking back control of our city and holding our elected officials accountable, and reminding them who really has the power in our city.
    Who is the creator of Stand Up for Santa Clara? Who ever that person is, should reach out to these other others and begin the dialogue with the others groups about banding together. I think that our little group is ready to reach its full potential.